What’s the difference between BioSil® liquid and BioSil® capsules?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between BioSil® liquid and BioSil capsules?

A: The only difference between BioSil Liquid and BioSil Capsules is the form they come in. The results people get are identical. That’s because both the active complex and its pharmacokinetic properties in each are identical.

You see, ch-OSA® is inherently a liquid. But thanks to BioSil’s patented “extrusion-spheronization” technology, micro-droplets of ch-OSA liquid can be bound to a cellulose carrier and used in capsule form.

So why does BioSil come in two different forms? Some people prefer the drops because they can put the drops in their juice or coffee and avoid having to take a pill.

The capsules may be a bit easier as they are pre-measured at 5 mg per capsule (taken twice daily) which is the exact same dosing as in the hair, skin, and nail clinical trial.