What is Ch OSA

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is ch-OSA®?

A: ch-OSA or choline-stabilized OrthoSilicic Acid as it is known in the medical journals, is BioSil®’s clinically proven complex that turns on the fibroblasts in skin and osteoblasts in bone that generate collagen.

Research on ch-OSA began over two decades ago by a European Pharmaceutical company headquartered in Belgium. There, a team of molecular biologists began looking for ways to “re-spark” the fibroblasts – safely. After 5 painstaking years, and hundreds of trials, they believed they had identified the specific complex that generates collagen – in humans, ch-OSA. University conducted, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials were immediately performed.

When the clinical trial results came in, their hypotheses was confirmed. ch-OSA had been clinically proven to increase collagen formation, increase skin elasticity, reduce wrinkles, thicken and strengthen hair, increase bone collagen formation, and increase bone mineral density. You can find the stunning results of the ch-OSA clinical trials in peer-reviewed medical journals. It’s no wonder why BioSil continues to be the #1 Collagen Product in the world, as it actually generates the collagen you need.