Vegan Beauty Products


Clean living isn’t just about what you eat, it’s also about what you’re putting on your face and body. While true vegans will only use beauty products without animal-based ingredients, everyone can get on board with these formulas.

Vegan is not the same as vegetarian.  Vegetarian products don’t contain any ingredients that were a part of an animal, but — they may contain substances made by animals, such as honey, egg whites, and milk. Vegan products don’t contain anything that comes from an animal, period. Here’s a deeper dive into why you should consider vegan beauty products the next time you’re shopping for a new cleanser, blush, or shampoo.

Vegan Beauty Products Are Great For All Skin Types  

Since there are fewer ingredients in vegan formulas, they are suitable for all skin types — especially sensitive ones.  And if you have a milk or egg allergy, vegan beauy products are a natural solution. 

You’ll Avoid Animal-Derived Ingredients   

When’s the last time you thought it would be a good idea to put dead insect extracts or uric acid extracted from a cow on your face or body? Of course, you won’t see it listed as such on a bottle, but ingredients to look out for include carmine, guanine, gelatin, squalene, lanolin, tallow, retinol, estrogen, beeswax, keratin, hydrolyzed silk, ambergris, and collagen. These common additives can be derived from living or dead animals.

Vegan Packaging Is Often Environmentally-Friendly   

When a company goes out of its way to produce a cruelty-free formula, their packaging is often made from recycled materials. To make it easier to spot a vegan beauty product, look for one of the popular certification logos from organizations such as PETA, The Vegan Society, and Vegan Action.

The Products Are Comparable In Price

Despite the additional benefits of vegan beauty products, they’re actually comparable in price to other goods on the market. In fact, you’ll find a wide range of products and prices as more and more companies are jumping on the vegan bandwagon.

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