Update Your Glow-Getter Routine!


Replace your old teenage beauty solutions with adult ones that work!

Remember all those cringey “looks” you rocked as a teen? Thick white eyeliner. Brown lipstick. Glitter. Bright blue eyeshadow. And who can forget the thick layers orange blush? Uggggh!

Fortunately, trends change over time. And so do we! That’s why products that once worked for your “teenage-self” could actually be sabotaging your “adult-self” now.

Here’s our take on the products you should forget (along with your high school crush) and the ones you should be using instead.

Skip: Dark, Matte Lipsticks

Sure, dark, matte, larger-than-life lips are en vogue with the younger set right now. But if you’re older than that vintage rose you’re sipping, dark, matte lip looks can make lip lines standout and can cause that dreaded flaky look on your lips.

Try Instead: Glossy Neutrals and Naturals

No need to overboard with the shine, but according to makeup artists, you’ll look younger with a neutral lip liner topped with a bit of rosy gloss.

Skip: Toner

Most toners are formulated as an additional step to correct oily skin after you’ve already washed. So, if you don’t have the oily skin of a teenager, they can backfire.

Try Instead: Serum

We’re not saying you should completely skip the step between cleansing and moisturizing. Far from it. Instead, switch out your drying toner for a nourishing and anti-aging serum. Hydrating serums that contain vitamin C are great for evening out skin tone and brightening a tired complexion.

And now, the most important beauty solution of all for your “now self!”

Skip: The Unnecessary

We all know that the holy grail for a teenager is “clear skin.” Simply put, no acne. Unless you’re currently experiencing an unfortunate breakout, acne is not your problem.

We adults face a different set of issues. Wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, and often thinning hair.

Try Instead: BioSil, Hair, Skin, Nails

What do Christie Brinkley, Kourtney Kardashian, and even Mena Suvari know about adult beauty solutions that we might not? BioSil Hair, Skin, Nails. BioSil is clinically proven to (and we’re reading from the clinical trial publication) increase skin elasticity 89%, reduce fine lines and wrinkles 30%, thicken and strengthen hair by 13% and dramatically strengthen nails. *

The truth is, beauty is all about enhancing your great traits and concealing (with make-up) or fixing (with BioSil) your “so-called” flaws. Thankfully, we can do both! So whether you’re 18 or 80, you now have the solution to get your glow on!

* As demonstrated versus placebo in the published clinical trials: ‡ Barel et al. 2005, Archives of Dermatological Research 297, 147-153. ** Wickett et al. 2007, Archives of Dermatological Research 299, 499-505. Results may vary.

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