Thicker Hair

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Thicker Hair

BioSil® Increases the Diameter of Each Hair Shaft by 12.8%

Thicken All 90,000 – 140,000 Hairs on Your Head
The average woman has 100,000 hairs on her head. Blondes check in at 140,000, redheads claim 90,000 with brunettes falling somewhere around 110,000. You can’t add more. But you can make each hair thicker. For the women participating in the BioSil clinical trial, the average thickness of their hair increased by 12.8% over the placebo group. How?thicker-hair-graphic2

Larger Roots Equal Thicker Hair
Larger roots beneath your scalp create thicker hairs on top of your head. What controls the root size? A group of specialized fibroblasts called dermal papilla. The larger the dermal papilla, the thicker the hair follicle, the thicker the hair shaft. Studies strongly suggest that ch-OSA® increases the volume of the dermal papilla. That creates a bigger shaft – the “bin” that holds the actual hair protein keratin. Next comes the process of “filling up” the follicle with a protein called keratin.


Increase Keratin Production by Ramping Up ‘Nutrient Delivery’ to Hair
Keratin is the protein that makes up 97% of hair. That’s why, along with collagen and elastin, it’s known as one of your body’s 3 beauty proteins. But Keratin production, like the production of the other two, begins to diminish starting at age 21. That’s the reason why hair becomes thinner, weaker and duller. Keratin production depends on 1) efficiency of the cells that generate keratin fibers and 2) getting ample keratin-building nutrients to the hair shaft. BioSil does both. How?

By augmenting the amount of collagen in the blood vessel walls, BioSil increases the “elasticity” of capillaries. This ensures an abundant flow of growth-rich nutrients that optimize the keratinization process in your hair. New clinical evidence strongly supports the researchers current theory that the ch-OSA® increases the activity and efficiency of your keratin-producing cells. It all adds up to thicker, stronger, shinier hair – from the inside out! In fact, in clinical trials, the women taking BioSil thickened their hair a full 12.8% over the women not taking BioSil. You can too!