“Superfoods” and “Super Supplements” That Help Give Christie Brinkley Beautiful Skin, Hair and Nails


…It’s all about Collagen, and Antioxidants

COLLAGEN Super Supplement

“It’s well known that we women lose about 1% of our collagen every year,” says Christie. Collagen is directly responsible for “plumping” skin, removing wrinkles, creating vital skin elasticity. What’s more, collagen increases nutrient-rich blood flow to the scalp giving you thicker, stronger and shinier hair. “Even though I’m a firm believer in getting all the nutrients through food,” say Christie, “there are cases when a good supplement can work wonders. For me, that supplement is BioSil SKIN HAIR NAILS, the advanced collagen generator.

I was drawn to BioSil because of the Clinical trial results I saw in medical journals: reduces wrinkles by 30%, increases skin elasticity by 89%, thickens and strengthens hair by 13% and strengthens nails. ” BioSil gives you the ability to re-gain lost collagen add new collagen and protect both my new and existing collagen. “I am amazed at the difference I see on my skin, hair and nails,” Christie says smiling. “I also appreciate that BioSil is natural and contains no animal parts.”

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