Stronger Hair

See the Science at Work for You

Stronger Hair

BioSil® Increases the Tensile Strength Hair Shaft by 13.1%

Creating Break-Resistant Hair
You could have the thickest hair possible, but if it’s not strong (too brittle) it’s likely to break off even with simple brushing. BioSil is clinically proven to strengthen hair a full 13.1%, allowing you to keep the hair on your head and out of the sink. And yes, you’ll have far fewer split ends as well.

BioSil: The Science of Hair Strength
Keratin proteins make up 97% of your hair. Hair volume, of course, is dependent strictly on the quantity of keratin. Hair strength, however, is determined both by the quantity and the power of the “bond” that exists between the proteins themselves. BioSil strengthens these protein bonds, giving your hair the ability to resist stress.


BioSil: Clinically Proven to Strengthen Hair
A “tug of war” with hair? Yes. That’s exactly what the researchers did during the BioSil clinical trial. They were testing for what they call “break load.” In other words, how many pounds of pressure does it take to “snap” the hair in two. It’s the scientific measure of the hair’s tensile strength. What did they find? The hair on the women taking BioSil was dramatically a full 13.1% stronger compared to women taking the placebo. Making it virtually break-resistant.