Strong, Resilient Bones

The Complete Picture of Your Bone Health
What you’re about to hear is bound to change the way you care for your bones from this day on.

Have you ever seen a cross-section of your bones? If you have, you’ve observed how calcium attaches itself and “binds to” the bone collagen. The truth is, without collagen, calcium cannot become part of bone. Why? Collagen serves as the “binding sites,” for calcium and all bone minerals. When bone collagen diminishes, there is less “surface area” for the calcium to attach to. Bone mineral density diminishes. You can easily see why continuously pumping in more and more calcium may accomplish little or nothing. But increase the bone collagen formation, and the calcium content increases. But collagen serves another purpose inside your bones as well…

Calcium is something like chalk. It gives your bones hardness. It is the collagen portion of your bones (30%) that provides the pliability and gives your bones the ability to “bend-but-not-break.” So how can you increase your bone collagen formation?   Not by eating collagen! Collagen is a protein, just like chicken, fish, or steak. When you ingest collagen, your body breaks it down and simply uses it as food. The key is activating the collagen-generating cells in your bones called osteoblasts. As we age, the osteoblasts work slower and less efficiently.   One compound, known as choline-stabilized ortho-silicic acid (ch-OSA®) has been clinically proven to increase bone collagen formation 15.00% and increase bone mineral density 2.00% at the critical hip region over and above what calcium and vitamin D alone could do. You can find ch-OSA in BioSil® products such as “Bone Collagenizer.”

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