Spring Makeup Color Trends 2018


Some colors look amazing on you, but weird and washed-out on someone else. And sometimes that bold smoky eye works wonders for your friend’s smoldering night look, while it makes you look like you have a black eye. Sure, most makeup artists will tell you to have fun with trends.  But go back to what you know looks good on you in the end. On the other hand, makeup trends come and go, meaning that you only get a short window to experiment with looking like you’re on the cutting edge of fashion. We say go for it with these fun and fabulous makeup color trends that are so right now.

Glittery Black Cat-Eyes

Makeup artists at the runway show for Tom Ford’s spring collection created a thick, rounded wing with black eyeliner, then patted on sheer gloss topped off with a dusting of glitter shadow. This is severity mixed with novelty for a fun yet striking look.

Yellow Gold Highlighters

Highlighter is still queen in the 2018 makeup scene, but be prepared for edgy brands to switch up their color palettes from rose to yellow gold. At the Puma show, Fenty featured minimalist looks popping with yellow gold strobing around the cheekbones and in the inner eye corners.

Gold Leaf Eyeliner

The runways at the Ulla Johnson show favored an extremely minimalist makeup base and no lipstick at all. However, by lining models’ upper lids with a thick strip of gold leaf eyeliner brought the glitz, glam, and a whole lot of attention to the model’s big, beautiful eyes.

Dark, Ombre Lips

90s-inspired matte black lips aren’t going anywhere yet, ladies. But what’s the 2018 twist? A multi-shade gradient. Spring runways saw models with dark black lip liner, slowly filled in with shades of deep purple and blue to create a unique ombre look that no one could call unoriginal.

Bedazzled Skin

If you’ve seen enough old movies, you probably remember that in the mid-20th century, stick-on fake moles, or “beauty marks,” were all the rage with starlets of the screen. Well no, facial moles aren’t making a comeback, but we’re seeing tiny glittery rhinestones stuck on cheeks and at the corners of eyes in their place. Talk about an old-school fashion made new!


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