Shinier Hair

See the Science at Work for You

Shinier Hair

BioSil® Increases the Light Reflection Factor (LRF) and Radiance of Your Hair

Giving Hair Shine and Radiance
Nothing says “healthy” better than radiant-looking hair. The degree of your hair’s “shine” depends on its ability to reflect light. Like a mirror. Light reflection increases in direct proportion to the “smoothness” of the surface of your hair shaft. It all has to do with amount of collagen and keratin your body produces.

BioSil: The Science of Radiant Hair
You remember from the section about keratin that it takes an optimal amount of keratin, putting pressure from inside of the hair shaft to “plump out” the shaft, to make it smooth and light-reflective. The smoother the hair shaft is, the more mirror-like the surface becomes. BioSil ensures an abundant flow of growth-rich nutrients that optimize the keratinization process in your hair. That’s why BioSil has the ability to give you the shine, gleam and a radiance you want.

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Your Hair at a Glance
Improving the condition of your hair can enhance your appearance faster than any non-surgical change you can make. Bar none.

Blondes, you’ve got 140,000 strands. Brown and auburns, your count is 110,000, give or take a few. Black and raven haired, you’re at 108,000. Reds, you come in at 90,000. No we didn’t count them ourselves. A German scientist, who apparently had a very meager social life, did some years ago.

Now you can’t add more to your total, but with BioSil you can make each strand thicker, stronger and shinier. And easier to style, as well!

With BioSil, you’ll nor only look better, but you’ll end bad hair days once and for all.

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