Science of Collagen

science of collagen

The Science of Collagen

Don’t Eat It – Generate It!

What Happens When You “Eat” Collagen?
You’ve probably seen the ads for collagen in the form of powders and pills. The story is that if you ingest collagen, usually from cows and pigs, you’ll increase your own collagen. But the scientific fact is…

Collagen is a protein. When you ingest collagen, your body breaks it down it and simply uses it as food – just like it would if you ate chicken, fish, steak or any protein.

You see, inside your body, all proteins, like collagen, get broken down into amino acids. You have no control over how your body uses those amino acids. Your body cannot distinguish between the amino acids that came from last night’s meal or from this morning’s dose of collagen powder you may have tried. The key to adding collagen is to activate the cells in your bones that generate collagen. And you can…

So How Do I Get My Collagen Back?
The cells in your body that generate collagen are called fibroblasts. But starting at age 18, these fibroblasts start working slower and less efficiently. By the age of 30, the signs of aging can become visible.

BioSil’s® ch-OSA® activates enzymes that “turn on” your body’s fibroblasts. The reality is, the collagen pills and powders have zero effect on these enzymes. That’s why BioSil is clinically proven to decrease wrinkles by 30%, increase skin elasticity by 89%, strengthen and thicken hair by 13% and dramatically harden nails. What’s more, BioSil is clinically proven safe.

Just remember, when it comes to your collagen, Don’t Eat It – Generate It!