Natural Skin Care

Increasingly I am hearing patients ask about “natural skin care.” Not surprising since you see the word “natural” practically everywhere these days. But what does “natural” actually mean? Does it mean all of the ingredients are natural … or just the “active” ones? Does it mean made by a “natural process?” Does it imply “organic?” And even if the ingredients are natural, does it mean that a product is completely safe?

The truth is, you can’t really depend on labels for information that is completely accurate information. Terms like “natural” “all natural” and “green” are not regulated by the government. Anyone can put that on a label.

Remember too, that some natural ingredients can actually irritate your skin, or make a condition worse.

If you are looking for a product for your skin, hair and nails that is both safe AND effective, the one that clearly stands out is BioSil® with ch-OSA® . BioSil’s ch-OSA activates the cells in your body that generate collagen. It’s collagen with your own DNA fingerprint. You can’t get more natural than that. BioSil has double blind, placebo controlled clinical trial results to prove just how well it works. These clinical trials are the real deal too. I found them in peer-reviewed medical journals: reduces fine line and wrinkles 30%, increases hair strength and thickness by 13% and dramatically strengthens nails, The women who I talk to who take BioSil SKIN HAIR NAILS all swear by it. They’re getting great results – naturally!

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