What is natural collagen – and why is it better

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is natural collagen? And why is it better?

A: Given a choice, most people choose the “natural” version of a product. Like natural collagen. But what is natural collagen? Natural collagen means collagen that is natural to YOU. It’s collagen that your body naturally produces. It does NOT mean collagen that is natural in nature – like cow collagen. Fish collagen. Or pig collagen. Not that they’re bad for you. It’s that your body simply uses external collagen as food. Like any other protein-rich meal (remember collagen is a protein).

What you want is natural collagen that gives you the results you’re looking for. Like reduced wrinkles. Smoother skin. Thicker, stronger hair. So how do you get natural collagen into your skin? Only one way exists. Turn on the collagen-producing cells in your body – called fibroblasts. And what turns on fibroblasts? Today, only one compound is clinically proven to generate collagen naturally in humans. BioSil®. It’s backed by double blind, placebo controlled clinical trials .

The results are published in peer-reviewed medical journals. Reduces fine lines and wrinkles by 30%. Increases skin elasticity 89%. Strengthens hair by 13.1%. Thickens hair by 12.8%.

Like one famous collagen researcher said … “with collagen, generate it, don’t eat it.”