Makeup Trends You Should Be Wearing This Holiday Season


It’s official: Party season is in full swing, which means you’ll have plenty of opportunities to doll yourself up and paint the town Christmas red. But aside from choosing the perfect frock for the occasion, you’re going to want to consider what type of makeup look you want to achieve, too — a red lip isn’t the only route you can take.

Holiday 2018 was inspired by the runway, which means you can take these trends with you into winter 2019 —  long after the tree has come down. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your tools and prepare yourself to turn a few heads.

Light Foundation

We’re not talking light as in the application (though there’s no problem with that), rather, the trend is all about pale foundation. Considering a mismatched face and neck is one of the biggest makeup mishaps you can make, this makes foundation application practically foolproof. Make sure you choose a shade that compliments your natural skin tone so you don’t look ill or fatigued. Once you’ve achieved the perfect canvas, accentuate your look with a well manicured brow and stained lip.

Gilded Peepers

Whether you go for a bold or subtle look, sporting flashy gold or silver eyes is a surefire way to get into the holiday spirit. Opt for anything from gold leafed lids to a shimmery (dare we say tinsel-like?) eyeliner to a muted, smokey eye. Even an accent of glitz can do the trick.

Peachy Pink Cheeks

Fighting a cold and holiday exhaustion? You’re not alone, but if you have to pull yourself together so you don’t disappoint your family — or coworkers — then perk up your complexion by swiping a warm peach blush across your cheekbones. When applied high, extending up to the brow bone, a youthful “flushed” look is achieved. Alternatively, you can use the product as a replacement for your traditional contouring cosmetic in the hollows of your cheeks and across temples.

Subtle Contouring

While it’s no secret that the bold cheek stripes that defined the contouring of the Dynasty era, it’s still a step in one’s makeup routine that shouldn’t be dismissed. This season, we’re seeing a subtle approach that compliments one’s natural face shape and is perfectly blended sans any harsh lines. If you’re feeling a bit lazy, remember that this act can help ease the bloating that comes with one too many glasses of champagne.

Blue Eye Accents

Blue can be an intimidating color to work with, but that doesn’t mean you should shy away from it. Unlike the all blue lids in the ‘80s, the blues we’re seeing in the 2018-2019 winter season serve as more of an accent. Think electric blue eyeliner (colored eyeliner is another trend this season), peacock blue mascara, or a swipe of baby blue shadow under the bottom lash line. Don’t knock it ‘till you’ve tried it, and the holiday season is just the right time to do so.

Black Eyeliner

This trend isn’t exactly reinventing the wheel as we’ve seen it worn pencil thin, smudged and smokey, or extending out to a cat eye — another big 2018 trend. Well, this season anything goes! Black eyeliner doesn’t have to be harsh or overly bold, so experiment with a look that works for you.

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