Make Your Hair And Makeup Last All Day Thanksgiving


Mom may have made it look easy, but let’s face it: cooking Thanksgiving dinner is no joke. Aside from perfecting the potatoes, attempting to replicate grandma’s stuffing recipe, and roasting a turkey that has everyone begging for more, looking your best is yet another challenge. Between pots boiling on the stove, periodically checking on the bird in a hot oven, and rushing around to set the table, it can be difficult to keep your hair and makeup in check — but it’s not impossible. Here are some tips for keeping things hot in the kitchen while kicking it up a notch yourself.


  • Heat aside, you have to be careful with your hair as you don’t want it to wind up on your guests’ plate! Opt for a sleek ponytail, sophisticated bun, or easy updo like a milkmaid braid. Keeping things easy means less fuss and greater self-confidence both in and out of the kitchen.
  • Before heading into the kitchen, spritz your roots with some dry shampoo to absorb any moisture that may erupt during cooking.
  • After cooking, spritz your hair with a fragrance specifically formulated for tresses. Just make sure to do it outside of the kitchen to avoid an inappropriate mix of food and fragrance.


  • Tone your skin after cleansing to remove any residue that could disrupt the longevity of your makeup.
  • Prep your face with a primer before using foundation to make it last longer and keep the application looking even.
  • Opt for a silicone-based foundation as it has a longer staying power than other formulas.
  • Swap your powder blush with a stain so your rosy cheeks stay put.
  • For longer lasting coverage, moisten powdered eyeshadow before applying it.
  • When it comes to mascara and eyeliner, go waterproof (read: chopping onions.)
  • Keep your look in place with a setting spray. Note that you may not want to use this product every day as it can dry out the skin.
  • Instead of perpetually re-powdering a shiny nose, chin, and forehead, eliminate shine with blotting powders.
  • Periodically spritz your face with a mist or toner to keep your skin cool, hydrated, and refreshed while sealing your makeup application.


  • Sport an apron to keep your clothing clean and steamy odors at bay.
  • Slip on a pair of nitrite gloves before chopping potent ingredients like garlic and onions so your hands remain stench-free.  
  • Use the exhaust fan and crack open a window so aromas escape outdoors instead of into your hair and clothing


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