Eat, Drink, and Be Kourtney!

Discover Kourtney Kardashian’s Secrets to Her Total Transformation

Just look at the numbers… After 3 kids, Kourtney spent 2 months gaining 1 fantastic look. In fact, she managed to lose a staggering 35 pounds in only 60 days. Plus, she now looks a full decade younger! How? We dare to reveal her untold story!

Yes, we’ve all seen Kourtney Kardashian’s super-fit body in bikinis this summer.  Her clean diet and intense fitness regimen really paid off, and she got to show off the results she worked so hard for. How does this 38-year old mom and reality show star stay fit? We all want to know!



Kourtney’s favorite breakfast is steel-cut oats, and she eats it almost every morning.

No sugar

“When I eat sugar, I find that more cellulite appears,” Kardashian previously said. How does she avoid temptation, with the sweet tooth she is known to have?

Kourtney doesn’t drink any soda; she doesn’t keep it in the house. She even creates her own salad dressings without sugar. When she travels, she’ll bring her own snacks. She also avoids alcoholic drinks containing sugar.

“When I do drink, I go for either tequila on the rocks, beer or wine,” she said. “If you’re cutting down on sugar, it’s good to know that rosé wine usually has less sugar than red or white.”

No dairy or gluten

Kourtney believes sticking to a gluten and dairy-free diet has been a positive life change for both herself and her children . “I kept battling with myself back and forth — like, why am I doing this diet? I have always felt fine before when eating dairy and gluten, but I do believe that we have one life to live and I would like to live it feeling my best,” Kardashian previously said. “I have noticed a great positive change in behavior with my children when we stick to a gluten-free and dairy-free diet. I don’t think everyone needs to eat this way but we had muscle testing done, which showed we all have sensitivities to corn, gluten and dairy.”

Drink enough water every day

According to Kourtney, “Out of all my health and wellness habits, drinking plenty of water every day is one of the most important things I do. My trainer said to try to drink one ounce of water per pound of body weight daily, so I try to stick to this rule. Drinking enough water is a huge part of my beauty routine, since hydration is essential for good circulation, getting nutrients to the body and getting rid of toxins.”

“Dehydration can affect everything from brain function to how your body deals with stress. Without the right amount of water, your system can have trouble getting toxins out of your body. For this reason, if you’re doing a detox or getting a massage, you need to drink more water than usual in order for your body to properly get rid of toxins. Also, when you work out, you can lose between 25-45 ounces of water per hour from sweating, so it’s extra important to rehydrate when doing anything athletic.”


Butt-toning workout

Kardashian focuses on her glutes during training sessions. Her main butt-toning moves are leg kick-backs with a resistance band, and weighted squat cleans with a kettlebell or sandbag.

Work out together

Kardashian regularly hits the gym with younger sister Khloé. “If you follow me on Snapchat, then you probably already know that Kourtney is my main b— when it comes to exercise partners,” Khloé has said. “She’ll try everything and do her best without complaining.”

Stick to your workouts even on vacation

Last summer she shared Snaps from her Bahamas vacation workout, showing her doing lunges in a bikini. Discipline pays off, so keep your routine going!

For beautiful skin, hair and nails Kourtney starts every day by taking takes BioSil:

”I mix about 5 drops of this collagen generator in water every morning. It is said to help reduce cellulite, wrinkles, fine lines and keeps skin, hair, teeth and nails healthy. As you get older, your body produces less collagen, so adding this supplement can help naturally promote the production of collagen in existing cells.”

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