Kardashian’s “Secret-No-Longer” to Gorgeous Hair…No Matter How You Style It!

Want luscious, radiant, “cant-take-your-eyes-off-it” hair? Well, that’s exactly want Kim Kardashian wanted when she visited Beverly Hills hair care star Jen Atkin. Jen is now known both for her runway work and her celebrity makeovers. She’s transformed the likes of stars such as Sofia Vergara, Christina Hendriks, Lindsay Lohan, and the Kardashians. Through her high profile career, Jen’s accumulated an encyclopediac knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. She understands that genuine sexy-looking hair has as much (if not more) to do with the condition of your hair than a particular style.

Let’s be honest, wouldn’t you rather have thick, shiny, “can-I-please-touch -it?” hair that’s slightly disheveled rather than thin, limp hair that’s been artificially plastered into a “style?” We all agree, “yes.” And really, when your hair is healthy and naturally volumized, you can style it any way you like – easily. And by the way, one of the styles many of Jen’s clients ask for is “hair that looks like you didn’t do anything to it.”

Here’s the Jen Atkins way to transforming your mane into the main attraction.

  1. BioSil, Natural Volumizer: It all starts with volumizing your hair, from the inside out. In other words, permanent volume, that won’t wash out. For this part, Jen declares “I’m a BioSil person…” Why? BioSil is a nutri-cosmiceutical that’s been clinically proven to thicken hair and strengthen hair. On top of that, BioSil add shine, and smooths out the hair shaft. Although BioSil starts working after the first dose, you’ll probably start noticing the effects after a month or so, when your “new hair” starts growing out.
  2. Ellnett Hairspray – “you get hold but can still touch your hair and have movement.”
  3. Frederick Fekkai Dry Shampoo – “it doesn’t get too powdery, and is the best fix for gym hair if you don’t have time to shower.
  4. Mason Pearson Brush – “if I lost my five-year-old brush that is perfectly worn in, I don’t know what I’d do.”
  5. Joico Texture Spray – “I’ve been using it a lot lately for modern bed head looks. It’s great for building volume on fine hair.” But it’s better if you can create natural volume with BioSil!
  6. T3 Tourmaline Curling Irons – “they heat up the fastest, last the longest, and don’t crease hair.”

IMPORTANT NOTE: Jen says… “The No. 1 mistake women make is that when they curl their hair, it looks too spirally. A more relaxed curl will have a bit of a straight end to it. Use a 1.5-inch- or 1.25-inch-wide curling iron and keep it closed — don’t use the clamp, otherwise you get that weird bend. Hold the curling iron vertically. Use it horizontally only to get a Hollywood wave. Take one-inch sections, wrapping it away from your face, but withholding the last inch and a half so it doesn’t get wavy. That takes it from an adolescent [pageant]-curl to beachy hair.

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