How To Effectively Use A Jade Roller For Glowing Skin



You may have drawers full of beauty products, but there’s another secret weapon you’re going to want to add to your regimen: the jade roller, an ancient beauty treatment. It can be traced back to the Mayans and Egyptians to aid with muscle relief, and to the Chinese in an effort to retain a flawless, glowing complexion. It’s making a comeback for several reasons, including the fact that not everyone wants (or can afford) luxury skin care treatments.  Also, more consumers now want to go au naturale in terms of products and methods. Intrigued? Here’s how to roll your way to better skin.


The rolling motion relaxes facial muscles and releases toxins, which in turn reactivates the lymph system to support healthy circulation. This in turn reduces puffiness — especially around the eyes. The skin becomes vibrant, more even in tone, and temporarily tightened. Rolling can also improve the efficiency of your skincare products because it ensures maximum absorption and prevents you from tugging and pulling with your fingers. Simply apply serums and moisturizers to your roller and apply.

1. Thoroughly clean and (if necessary) exfoliate your face.

2. Since serums are more powerful than moisturizers in terms of active ingredients, it would behoove you to conduct your rolling during this step. Either apply the serum all over your face with your fingers, or apply it directly to the roller for a better result. No matter which you choose, continue with the following steps.

3. Place the roller in the center of your forehead. Move the roller from your browline to the edge of your scalp near the temples.

4. Continue this same movement (center moving outward), working your way down your face (eyes, nose, chin, etc.) Gradually apply more pressure as you near the outside of your face.

5. Eyes can be tricky to manipulate with a large roller, so invest in a smaller one to treat this area. Apply light pressure as to not cause any damage.

6. Use the smaller roller for your eyes, and use light pressure

8. Repeat 2-3 times.

9. Thoroughly clean and sanitize your roller and store in the refrigerator. A cold stone has a greater depuffing effect.

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