Hairstyles to Hide Subtle Imperfections


Let’s get one thing straight: you’re beautiful, no matter what. Still, let’s be realistic, and acknowledge that we all have pet peeves about our looks. So, if masking what we think of as our “imperfections” makes you feel good in your skin, we say do it. Check out these stylist-recommended tricks for dealing with a few common beauty woes.

Camouflage a Double Chin

Most stylists recommend staying away from really short styles like pixie cuts, which leave nowhere for extra chin pudge to hide. Long styles are great, as long as they fall at or below your collarbone, drawing your eye down below your trouble spot. But you’ll have to remember that tying long hair back will expose the area you’re trying to hide. A good middle ground style is a just-past-the-chin bob cut, which will frame your face. A bob that hits just at the chin or above will backfire, though, as eyes tend to gravitate toward the ends of the hair.

Cover Errant Grays

Getting regular high-quality dye jobs is the best way to make sure gray hairs don’t see the light of day. But you may be in between appointments, or even hoping for a chemical-free fix for those pesky salt and pepper highlights. Either way, if dying your locks isn’t happening today, you can still rock lush and youthful looking locks by sweeping hair up into a voluminous bun. Or try smoothing the hair around your forehead into a half-up, half-down look. The key is to avoid styles that involve a part, especially a center part, which will put your grays (and any outgrown roots) front and center.

Disguise Thinning Hair

There are lots of products on the market to give oomph and volume to thinning hair, but choosing the right cut to begin with helps tremendously. Most experts agree, going short is smart. Even though it may seem counter-intuitive to chop off more hair – the shorter the hair, the thicker it’ll look because all the weight of longer locks isn’t weighing down your mane. So, is it time to go brave and go bold with an extra short ‘do’? Could be! Stylists also recommend using volumizing products and even coloring your hair if you want it to look thicker, since dye makes the hair strands swell-up.  And don’t forget to take BioSil every day to support keratin production; that’s what gives you thicker, stronger hair.

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