Give Your Skin A Summer Glow (Without the Sun) – Tips from Makeup Artist Neil Scibelli

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Neil Scibelli is a New York-based makeup artist who has worked with Elle MacPherson, Molly Sims, Sofia Richie, and Michelle Williams. He is a guest contributor for, and serves as a beauty expert for InStyle, Byrdie, Women’s Health, Glamour, Health Magazine, Dr. Oz’s The Good Life, and Amazon’s Style Code Live. He also contributes to the BioSil blog.

With summer quickly making its long awaited entrance, so many of us are still dusting off the residuals of winter skin. As a makeup artist who works around all four seasons here in New York City, I am often working around the conditions it leaves our skin in as well: Dry patches, dull or sallow complexions, break-outs; they’re all common conditions post-winter. Luckily, I’m here to help you get your glow back before summer is in full effect. I’ll be spilling some of my tips to help keep your complexion glowing throughout the summer – without the help of the sun’s harsh UV rays. So let’s get to it!

Exfoliation: Saying goodbye to winter also means scrubbing away the dead skin it has left behind. Whether you’ve experienced dry patches, or your skin just needs a ‘pick me up,’ exfoliation will help lightly remove the top layer of dead skin, while improving your skin’s texture. Exfoliation also helps to boost cell turnover and the production of new collagen (hello rejuvenated skin). So many of us overlook the importance of this step, but a little scrubbing two times per week can really fast-track your skin into a new season. Exfoliating will also create a smoother canvas for your makeup to glide on more flawlessly, so it’s a win-win all around. If you’re not much of a scrubber, you can always go for a chemical exfoliant (in a liquid form) which can be applied like a toner. Just be weary of the amount of acids in the formula, especially if you have sensitive skin.

Hydration: Hydration is key. When our skin is transitioning between seasons, our pH levels can oftentimes be imbalanced. Even if you’re t-zone tends to be oily, finding a sheer, hydrating moisturizer will help balance oil production as well as dry skin. A quick way to lock moisture into your skin morning and night is to use a product that contains hyaluronic acid. This ingredient has become readily available within the mainstream skin care market in serums and moisturizers because of its proven effectiveness for holding moisture to the skin. Hyaluronic acid will also bring your glow back because the ingredient also plumps and fills fine lines and wrinkles, leaving a supple finish to the skin.

Supplements: While using beauty products topically is effective, it is also important to think about beauty from the inside out. What we put in our bodies shows up on our skin, which is why I also recommend incorporating a supplement like BioSil into your regimen. The liquid BioSil, my personal favorite, helps to grow new collagen and elastin, which improves hair, skin and nails. Since our collagen breaks down as we age, using the collagen supplements will really help to keep your skin bouncing back, as well as growing and maintaining strong hair and nails.

Self Tanner: So many of us are longing for that sun-kissed glow that we’ve been lacking all winter long. The good news is, there’s a great way to gain a golden complexion without having to bathe in the sun. Finding the right self tanner is a great way to achieve a bronzed complexion without the risk of sun damage. I’ve also developed an easy way to ease into the self tanning commitment: Mix a drop of self tanner into your night time moisturizer to wake up as if you had just been laying in the sun. This is a great way to achieve a natural, buildable tan, without the pressure of applying too much self tanning product at once. A personal pro tip, Don’t forget to also blend the product on to your ears and down to your neck as well, for even coverage.

Highlighter: In the summer months, there’s nothing like a good highlighter to compliment sunkissed skin. To give your skin a radiant finish, use a cream highlighter in the places the light would naturally hit your skin: above the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, and even a little bit around the temples. A cream highlighter is a great way to add dimension to the skin, and also define your facial features. This will add just enough glow to your skin, without looking overly shiny or oily. I use cream highlighters on my clients all the time before they hit the red-carpet, or tv appearances.

Now that you’ve got a few tricks from the trade, I hope that these tips help catapult your complexion into summer, and beyond. Our skin is always a work in progress, but with some knowledge and practice, I believe anyone can maintain their summer glow year round.

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