Get That Glow: How To Perk Up A Winter Complexion


If the reflection you see in the mirror shows signs of fatigue, you’re not alone. Due to lack of sunlight and more time spent indoors, it’s not uncommon to look pale and pasty this time of the year — but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake a glowing complexion. Here are some go-to tips to get that glow back in a matter of minutes. 

Apply a face-friendly self-tanner

Many self-tanners have a tendency to clog pores and/or cause dryness, so always use a formula that’s specifically made for the face. One of our favorites is an oil/serum consistency that’s blended into your moisturizer. The addition of essential and/or natural face oils provides hydration and balance in addition to natural color.

Add bronzing to your makeup routine

If you’ve been avoiding bronzer because you’re worried you’ll look like you had a tanning booth mishap, take a deep breath — this step is actually easier than you think! Find a bronzer that matches your skin tone (get help from a pro if need be!). Next, dip a fluffy blending brush into the product and shake off excess. Using a small, swirling motion, make circles across your hairline, from temple to temple. After that, add additional bronzer to your brush and swipe a line from your ear to the apple of your cheek; blend using circular strokes. Repeat on other side. Lastly, using the same motion, blend bronzer along your jawline to your chin. Use any remaining product on your brush to swipe each side of your nose.

Apply a circulation-boosting mask

Many masks increase face circulation — the key is finding one that dries versus stays wet (think overnight or sheet mask.) So, based on your skin type, apply a mask at least once a week to help put a little color back into your cheeks while perfecting your complexion at the same time.

Choose the correct lipstick shade

While there’s no harm in experimenting with makeup trends, the wrong lip color can make you look more tired than you actually are. As a general rule of thumb, fair skin tones stand out with bold reds and deep hues. Olive skin tones shine when wearing nude, pink, orange, and red shades; and dark skin tones look great in deep plums, berries, and reds.

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