From Fad to Fifth Avenue Fabulous!

Miraculous Makeover by Christie Brinkley’s NYC Glam Squad

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Before the Glam Squad Makeover After the Glam Squad Makeover

They say behind every gorgeous celebrity lies a well-armed, ready-for-action glam squad. Sort of like having a Special Ops team for special occasions.

For the likes of Christie Brinkley (as well as Beyoncé, Jessica Simpson, Madonna, Katy Perry and more) hairstyle headquarters may well be NYC’s world renowned Rita Hazan Salon. For over 20 years Rita has been transforming celebs, setting trends, and dazzling her clients’ heavenly hues.

A key member of Christie’s runway regents is makeup artist extraordinaire Sandy Linter, who, coincidentally, freelances at Rita Hazan’s Salon on Fifth Avenue. Christie, ever appreciative of greatness, has been with Sandy since 1974.

And then there’s Mitch Barry, Christie’s go-to hair stylist. Christie knows that nothing makes a bigger impact on your appearance than the style of your hair. That’s why you can see Mitch’s magic at work in pictures of Christie.

Okay, that’s great for Christie, but what about the rest of us! I mean those of us who, if we had an extra $11,000 to spend for the day, might choose to make an extra house payment or two, or three!

Meet Jenn. The lucky grand prize winner of BioSil’s “New York City Makeover” (BioSil is Christie’s collagen beauty supplement). From her hometown in Pennsylvania (population 5,410) to the Big Apple (population 8,550,405), Jenn got Christie’s Fifth Avenue Fabulous experience without shelling out a dime!

As you can see from the before and after pictures, it was a huge success. Now, BioSil wants you to discover the priceless styling techniques of Christie’s beauty team.

MAKEUP – Sandy Linter

Many women are used to doing their eye makeup last. Sandy works in reverse order… first eyes, then foundation, then blush, and concealer last. Why wait until the end to do concealer, you may ask? Wouldn’t you want to do that first, where your skin needs the most coverage?

Well, it turns out that as you age, too much concealer can actually work against you. It can cake up and accentuate fine lines in the skin. So you’ll want to use as little concealer as possible. How? Just wait until after foundation goes on, when you’ll already have some coverage. Then you’ll use less concealer to get the same effect.

More Sandy tips:

  • Use a dot of highlighter at the inner corner of your eyes. It really opens them up and brightens the entire eye area.
  • Remember to always primer on your eyelids . It’ll keep eyeshadow and liner fresh all day long.
  • To give eyes a lift, stop eyeliner at the outer corner and blend eyeshadow upward. To make eyes wider, extend the line just beyond the outer edge.
  • Too much powder can be aging. Dewy skin looks much more youthful!

HAIR – Mitch Barry

One hairbrush can’t do everything. Just like you wouldn’t use only one makeup brush and to apply all your makeup… you can’t expect one hairbrush to accomplish everything your hair needs.

It’s important that your stylist understand your overall style. So – when you get your hair cut, come dressed just how you want to look. If you want a polished style, don’t show up in your workout clothes! If you want something easy and casual, don’t arrive in a business suit.

Hair needs rest days . It’s going to be happier and healthier if you give it a day off from shampooing and styling, every other day. It gives hair a break and gives the natural oils in the scalp a chance to do their work. When you do shampoo, focus on cleaning the roots. You don’t need to scrub the ends because it’ll leave them dried out and damaged.

Long hair is youthful – just look at Christie! And the old rules no longer apply that you can’t have long hair as you get older. If you feel great with it, do it!

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