Fall 2018 Hair And Makeup Trends — Start Planning Your New Look Now!


Whether you want to lop off your damaged summer tresses or you simply want to switch up your makeup game, there’s never been a better time than the change of seasons to change your look – even if that just means a subtle tweak or two. The spirit of fall 2018 beauty trends is all about contradiction, so you’ll see everything from an undone face and bed head to perfectly coiffed tresses and bold eyes. No matter what your mood, style, or comfort zone, there’s bound to be an off the runway look that suits your fancy.


1. Bangs

Bangs are back in a big way, but there’s no one-size-fits-all look for this brow-skimming trend. Opt for baby bangs (think choppy and ultra-short) or the antithesis — curtain bangs, which are heavy bangs that are parted down the middle. This is a good option if you’re growing your tresses out.

2. Slicked Back

This easy style suits all lengths of hair, but if you have longer locks, leave the ends loose to soften up the severity of the sleek front sections. It’s also key that you use the correct styling products to ensure the style looks sleek — not puffy.

3. Feathered Hair

Farrah Fawcett’s iconic locks are making a comeback, but in order to pull off this look, you need to have a style with layers. Next curl each section away from the face to create structure.

4. The Bob

There’s nothing like an impactful bob to turn heads. Opt for chin-length version that can be styled with or without texture, or go for a longer, sleeker look a la Kim Kardashian.

5. The Shag

The shag isn’t exactly a new trend, but it’s not going away either. One of the best things about this style is that it’s low-maintenance, so you need not worry about making sure your tresses are perfectly coiffed.


6. Peachy Pink Blush

It’s time to pack away the bronzer and lighten up your look with a peachy pink (rather, taupe) cheek color. It’s the perfect balance between tanned and a traditional blush that will still warm up your skin tone. Experiment by using it as a contouring medicum (across the temples and hollows of the cheeks), or applying it high on the cheekbones for a flushed appearance.

7. Low-Key Contour

Bold contouring was big for a while, but now it’s time to tone things down by subtly playing up with the natural shape of your face versus trying to create an entirely new one. Since contouring can be tricky, spend a little time perusing a few YouTube tutorials so you have a better sense of direction.

8. No- Makeup Makeup

French women are the leaders of the minimalist makeup routine — why? Because there’s something to be said for a complexion that looks glowing and radiant sans a lot of pigment, hence the importance of taking care of your skin. Treat yourself to a post-summer facial (even an at-home DIY one) and assess whether or not your skincare routine is doing your mug justice. Confidence is the ultimate beauty product, so don’t be afraid to give the makeup bag a rest once in a while.

9. Black Eyeliner

Cleopatra put black eyeliner (kohl) on the map and it really hasn’t gone away since. It’s sophisticated and classic, though it can also be seductive, too. From pencils to gels to liquids, all versions are in this season. You need not always make a bold statement — even a simple line or a light smudging under the eye will do.

10. Pops of Color

If you love to experiment with trends but are a little gun shy at the same time, you’ll love the trend that involves strategically placing pops of color versus looking like a full-blown mermaid. Think brightly colored mascaras and eyeliners and statement or color block eyeshadow — think paint by number for your eyelids.

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