Do Collagen Supplements work – for real

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do Collagen Supplements work? For Real?

A: Many women are asking the same question… Do collagen supplements work? It’s a question you’d expect, as more and more women move into the 30+ age group. They’re all looking for better skin, hair, nails , bones, and joints. And they all want proof that a collagen product works -before they make a purchase.

Fortunately, you have a way to determine if a collagen product will work for you. Look for clinical trial results. But don’t let the words “clinically tested” or “clinically studied” fool you. This just means a test was done, but says nothing about the results, which in fact, could be negative. Instead, look for the words “Clinically Proven.” Make sure the clinical trial was performed under the strictest government regulations. That is, a double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomized clinical trial. Then immediately look for the actual results – in quantifiable numbers. Be sure these numbers say “statistically significant.” Why? Simply put, it means that if you take the product, you are 95% assured that the positive results are not coming by chance. For example, in the BioSil® clinical trial, one statistically significant finding was a reduction in wrinkles of 30%. That means that BioSil was responsible for the positive effect.

Today, there’s only one product that’s been clinically proven to work in University-conducted, placebo-controlled clinical trials. That’s BioSil. BioSil is backed by over $10 million in clinical trials and scientific research, has hundreds of thousands of loyal users, and whose clinical trial results are published in peer-reviewed medical journals. So when someone asks you “do collagen supplements work?” you can say BioSil does. For real.