DIY Bath Bombs to Nourish Your Skin (and Your Soul)

It’s easy to feel like we don’t have time for self-care, but busy babes need special treatment too! Self-soothing rituals that do double duty for your mind and body, like for soaking in a relaxing and skin-enhancing bath, are best for lovelies who work or study long hours. Enter the bath bomb craze that works to boost your glow both inside and out. Pre-made bath bombs sometimes hide nasty chemicals (or crazy price tags) inside their pretty exteriors, but by mixing up a quick batch of DIY bath bombs with this quick base recipe, you can customize your soak session for maximum results.

The Basic Bomb

Your individual skin (and sanity) will certainly benefit from customized natural ingredients, like tea tree oil for blemishes or lavender for inducing calm, everyone can benefit from the ingredients in our base bath bomb recipe:

• Coconut oil
• Epsom salt
• Baking soda
• Almond or jojoba oil
• Corn starch

Besides giving the bombs their consistency and cool effervescent quality, these base ingredients naturally cleanse, calm, and cancel out itch and irritation, not to mention moisturize the skin from neck to toe. You’ll want to mix dry ingredients first, then add and stir the oils and liquids one by one before letting them set into molds.

Treat Yourself – The Natural Way

Mixing in the right essential oil blends for your skin is an easy and effective way to both treat what ails you, and add some super-soothing aromatherapy into your soak time.

• Lavender for relaxation and itchy or inflamed skin
• Lemon for a happiness boost and naturally brighter skin
• Eucalyptus for aches and pains or to cool a sunburn
• Rose hip for treating wrinkles, tightening skin, and smelling amazing.

A Feast for the Eyes

Treat the senses to a little visual pizazz by customizing your bombs with your favorite colors combos. Avoid food coloring, which can stain and leave your skin and tub looking rather flamboyant. Instead, snag non-staining soap dyes at a crafting store or online. Bonus points if you add a bit of glitter or a handful of dried flower petals in your shade of choice to add a pop of pigment.

Then, next time you need a little soothing, just draw a hot bath, toss one in, and fizz, pop, soak, and sniff your way to a serious at-home spa afterglow.

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