Did you know that your body is making collagen while you’re reading this?

It’s true. It comes as a big surprise to a lot of women I tell. It may be because the beauty industry has bombarded us with so many ingestible – or injectable – collagen products. It could also be that many women somehow equate collagen with calcium. They know that the human body doesn’t make calcium so it must be supplied through the diet or calcium supplements. But it’s the exact opposite with collagen. Collagen is a protein. When you eat collagen (pills and powders) your body breaks it down and simply uses it as food. And by the way, you can’t absorb collagen through your skin, either.

So what can you do to add collagen lost though the aging process? Remember what I said in the beginning… your body is making collagen now. The problem is, as we age the collagen producing cells (fibroblasts) begin working slower and less efficiently.   The key is kicking the fibroblasts into a higher gear – safely and effectively. In other words, boosting your own collagen-building system. That’s what a product called BioSil® SKIN HAIR NAILS is proven to do. In double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials, the women taking BioSil decreased fine lines and wrinkles 30%, increased skin elasticity 89% and thickened and strengthened hair by 13% over the women in the trial not taking BioSil. You can find BioSil at your local health food stores. Try searching for BioSil reviews on line, you’ll be surprised how many women have a terrific results.

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