Collagen Powder

Can It Make Me Look Younger – Really?
Is collagen powder the “Fountain of Youth?” Let’s have a look.

Collagen is a protein naturally found in your skin and hair roots. As collagen production decreases with age, we all know the visible signs of aging it causes: wrinkles, thinner, weaker hair, and the dreaded thin lips. Now the “idea” that the makers of the collagen powders want you to believe is that if you ingest protein powder, it will automatically go to the “problem areas” and instantly make you look younger.

Besides for sounding unrealistic, it is scientifically impossible. To begin with, collagen is a large molecule that the body cannot absorb easily. But that’s just the small part of it. You see, collagen is a protein just like chicken, fish or steak. Once in the blood stream, your body breaks down all proteins and uses them as food sources. Your body doesn’t care if you want to look younger. It has a job to do called “keeping you alive.” It takes the collagen, breaks it down into amino acids, and uses it where it sees fit. No different than a protein shake – except it doesn’t taste as good.

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