Workouts – Taskercises

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Exercise Beautifully!

Let’s get moving

My Multi-Taskercises

There are days when I can’t find the time for even a quick workout. That’s when I
enlist my “multi-taskercises!” I just add in some quick exercise moves to my daily activities like washing and chopping vegetables, blow-drying my hair, brushing my teeth, or watching TV with my kids. It’s fun, and you won’t feel guilty about missing a day of exercise! Here are some of my favorites…

  • Sets of 10 Plies – remember those ballet classes when you were a kid
  • Lunges – just make sure your bent knee never gets in front of your foot)
  • Standing Leg Lift – slightly bend both knees. Lift one leg and put it behind you. Then press up with your heal to a straighten the other leg.
  • Chair Sit – pretend you’re sitting on a chair but without the chair. It might get a double take if someone sees you! The truth is, it’s a great way to strengthen and tone the thighs and butt.
  • One Leg Balances – alternate balancing on one foot then the other. It’s a great way to strengthen the tiny stabilizing muscles in your feet and ankles. As you progress, try going up on the ball of your foot and holding for a few seconds, it’ll give you calf muscles a good workout.