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“If you can’t get motivated to exercise for your heart, do it for the ones you hold dearly in you heart”

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Equipment Exercises

When you want to turn up the intensity on your workouts, machines are the way to go. Machines allow you to train virtually every part of your body. They also give you the ability to completely control the incremental increases in resistance.

As you know, I’ve been a spokesperson for the Total Gym since 1996. People ask me “do you really use it?” The answer is YES! In fact, it’s still my go-to choice for workouts. It allows me to train the same muscles, in the same way, as a gym-full of machines – and there’s no waiting line. But whether you use home equipment or your gym’s, try to get in one or two sessions a week.

At most gyms, there’s a training advisor who can help you design a workout program based on your needs and wants while taking any injuries into account.