Workouts at Home

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“If you can’t get motivated to exercise for your heart, do it for the ones you hold dearly in you heart”

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My Top 5 at-Home Exercises

My trainer, Ari Weller gave me these fantastic exercises. They all focus on building up the eccentric strength you need prevent injury and keep you fit enough to do all the activities you love.

  • Dynamic Plank Targets your core muscles
    Hold for 30-60 seconds. For more of a challenge, put your elbows 5 – 10 inches in front of you. Then try to “tug” (not actually move) your elbows back to you toes
  • Reverse Push Up Targets your chest, shoulders and arms
    Set up like a regular push up starting at the top. Lower yourself slowly to the floor as one wholly connected “plank.” Continuously press your hand and feet into the floor. When you reach the bottom, do not push back up, lower yourself to your knees and repeat. Try 8 to 12 reps.
  • Band Pulls Targets your upper back, posterior deltoids
    Hold a medium-resistance band, with palms facing up, at shoulder height and shoulder width apart. Start by drawing your shoulder blades toward the middle of your back, then stretch the band until it touches your chest. Bring slowly back to the “start” position and repeat 8-12 times.
  • Glute Hinge Targets your glutes and hamstrings
    Start in a normal standing position. Slightly bend both legs. Slide one leg back about 12-18” with the heal coming off the ground. Cross your arms at your chest. Without changing the position of your legs, “hinge” your upper body down until your back is almost horizontal to the floor. Take 3-5 seconds to both lower and raise your torso.
  • Quad Clock Targets your quads and hips
    Picture a 6’ foot circle on the floor. Now stand directly in the center. Now imagine the circle is a big clock face. While standing, pretend your legs are the hour “hand” of a clock. Slightly bend the stationary leg (left), and push the right leg out to 12:00 and return (10 times). Repeat pushing your leg out 3:00, 6:00 and 9:00 (right leg goes leg goes behind stationary leg.) Repeat on the other leg.