Workouts – Aerobic

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“If you can’t get motivated to exercise for your heart, do it for the ones you hold dearly in you heart”

Exercise Beautifully!

Let’s get moving

Let’s Get Moving


Exercise has to be fun, otherwise it can be a real chore. Especially aerobic exercises. On the days that permit, I take it outdoors. Try it with friends, it makes it even more enjoyable!

  • ● Walking
  • ● Skiing
  • ● Riding ocean waves to the shore
  • ● Hiking
  • ● Jogging
  • ● Riding a bike


I live on long Island, and the winters can get pretty cold here. If I don’t have time to get to the gym, I’ll find as many ways I can at home to get the blood flowing.

  • ● Dancing (all you need is a radio and 10 minutes!)
  • ● Jump rope
  • ● Walk around the house doing swimming strokes (sounds silly, but it works!)
  • ● Calisthentics
  • ● Jumping Jacks

At the Gym

I’ll admit, this is probably my least favorite place to exercise, but they have some great equipment to get your heart pumping.

  • ● Stair mill
  • ● Elliptical machine
  • ● Stationary bike
  • ● Arc trainer
  • ● Jacob’s ladder
  • ● Treadmill (use at an angle for better results)
  • ● Airdyne
  • ● Recumbent bike
  • ● Rowing machine
  • ● Skierg