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Eat Beautifully!

My Essential “Lookin’- Great” Foods

I call these foods my “perfect polyphenols.” They do more than give me energy, they seek out and destroy the free radicals that try to make life miserable for my cells! You see, these fantastic fares contain high levels of polyphenols, natures potent anti-oxidant. So I always try to include at least two of them at every meal. The best part is, you eat most of them raw, so there’s no cooking time at all. And they taste great, too. I call it eating beautifully!

My Perfect Polyphenols…

Fruits Fruits Vegetables Legumes, Nuts, Seeds
Apples Kiwi Artichokes Almonds
Apple cider and juice Lemon Broccoli Cashews
Apricots Ligonberries Celery (go for the hearts) Chick peas
Blackberries Limes Corn Black beans
Blueberries Mangoes Eggplant Black-eyed peas
Cherries (sweet or sour) Strawberries Fennel Pinto beans
Chokeberries Nectarines Garlic Red kidney beans
Blood oranges Peaches Greens (dark, leafy) Fava beans
Navel oranges Pears Kohlrabi Flax seeds
Tangelos Plums Leeks Hazelnuts
Tangerines Prunes Lovage Lentils
Cranberries Pomegranates Onions (red, white, yellow) Nut butters
Currants (black or red) Quinces Peppers (small, hot) Pecans
Dates Raspberries Parsnips Peanuts
Elderberries Rhubarb Peas (green or English) Pistachios
Gooseberries Raisins Red Cabbage Pumpkin seeds
Grapes (red or purple) Rutabagas Snap beans
Scallions Sunflower seeds
Shallots Walnuts
Spinach (raw)
Sweet potatoes
Tomatoes Watercress