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Christie Brinkley on the Cover of Sports Illustrated Proves that Age is Just a Number!

One day after the Super Bowl, Sports Illustrated kicked off news of an almost unprecedented nature.. a 63-year-old model would grace its cover! What?!

It’s true. 38 years after her first appearance on Sports Illustrated cover, Christie Brinkley returns to the front cover, alongside her two daughters, Alexa Ray Joel … Read More

Are You Getting Enough Beauty Sleep?

And What to Do If You’re Not!

Not sleeping eight totally restful, re-charging, dream-weaving hours a night? You’re not alone. An estimated 50-70 million Americans suffer from some kind of sleep disorder.  You can blame it on stressful work schedules, round-the-clock access to technology, financial worries – you name it.… Read More

Do Collagen Supplements Work?

I am asked at least 20 times a day: “Do Collagen Supplements Work? As a doctor, my first goal, as Hippocrates so simply said, is “do no harm.”   The truth is, the collagen powders and pills you see on the market today do no harm. Collagen is a protein, like … Read More


Did you know that your body is making collagen while you’re reading this?

It’s true. It comes as a big surprise to a lot of women I tell. It may be because the beauty industry has bombarded us with so many ingestible – or injectable – collagen products. It could … Read More