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Essential Oils For A Romantic Valentine’s Day

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Aromatherapy has the power to do many things, to include increasing sensuality and libido. There are warming oils to increase your sex drive, cooling oils to keep nerves in check, and oils to increase communication, concentration, and sexual desire. And since scent and touch are both an important part of … Read More

Supplements You Should Be Using At Any Age – Part 2

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40s AND 50s

Fish Oil

Women in their forties may start to experience peri-menopause, the phase that occurs before actual menopause sets in. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil can help support any symptoms (think hot flashes) during this time while bolstering brain and heart health. Opt for a Read More

Supplements You Should Be Using At Any Age – Part 1

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While the best way to get all of your vital nutrients is from a healthy, well-balanced diet, it can be difficult to meet those requirements 100 percent, all of the time. Not to mention, when stress, illness, lack of sleep, and pregnancy come into play, you needs may need more … Read More

How To Give Yourself The Perfect DIY Lip Facial

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From fluctuating temperatures, low humidity, and indoor heat, to overly-drying lipsticks, it can be difficult to keep your pucker in top form. When lip balm alone just isn’t cutting it, give yourself this easy DIY lip facial.

1. Mix 1 teaspoon each of brown sugar and almond or jojoba oil. … Read More

What’s A Sleep Mask And Why Should You Use One?

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As we begin the new year focused on a healthy lifestyle, we’ve been talking a lot about the importance of getting enough shuteye.  As if health consequences weren’t enough to prompt you to tuck yourself in at a decent hour, lack of sleep can have a negative impact on your … Read More

Get That Glow: How To Perk Up A Winter Complexion

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If the reflection you see in the mirror shows signs of fatigue, you’re not alone. Due to lack of sunlight and more time spent indoors, it’s not uncommon to look pale and pasty this time of the year — but that doesn’t mean you can’t fake a glowing complexion. Here … Read More

3 Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

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Just because the busy holiday season is over doesn’t mean our minds shut down, which can make it difficult to get ample shuteye. However, lack of sleep can have some serious consequences, including weakened immunity, decreased sex drive, weight gain, high blood pressure, difficulty concentrating, and a risk of heart … Read More

The Ultimate Comfort Food To Get You Through Winter

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Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you’ve lost your craving for comfort food. Fewer daylight hours and  seasonal change can disrupt hormones that can cause anxiety and depression. High carb and fat comfort foods tend to increase serotonin production, so you’re apt to have a temporary feeling of … Read More

8 Tips For Kicking Off 2019 The Healthy Way

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It’s not uncommon that health-related goals are amongst one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions, whether that means shedding some pounds, toning up, eating better, exercising more, or simply living a more healthy lifestyle as a whole. However, this can feel overwhelming — if not impossible — regardless of … Read More

These Are The Top Fitness Trends For 2019

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The holiday season is one of the busiest periods of the year, so it’s likely that you bailed on a few gym sessions in order to attend a festive fete or two. While there’s nothing wrong with taking a pause from your standard routine in an effort to give your … Read More