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Natural Factors BioSil Biosil Skin & Hair & Nail SKU UPC 925010391866 Model

Foot Surgery Recovery Time

Feb 10, 2015 by Patricia

I recently had extensive foot surgery; tendon transfer, osteotomy (yes, bone removal and reattachment) and 4 hammertoes. I had bought my Biosil liquid prior to surgery thinking it would help my toenails and hair as I recovered. My doctors and my nurses are astounded as to how good my incisions look and how quickly my range of motion (tendons in my case) has recovered. My incisions have already lost most of their redness and are already becoming skin colored and it has only been 9 weeks! I really believe it is the Biosil and I am now a lifetime consumer! If it is doing this for my feet imagine what it is doing for all of my cells! I am a 63 year old female.

Life changer!

Oct 12, 2014 by Paula B.

These pills have changed my life.

My lips are more full and moist...

Sep 10, 2014 by Sarah D.

I've been taking BioSil for 6 months. It has definitely improved my skin and nails, especially my lips - that was a surprise. My lips are more full and moist, not dry anymore. The skin on my face feels softer. My fingernails got stronger and thicker. They don't split anymore so I can grow them long. I wish I had known about BioSil before, I would have started taking it years ago!

Great results for both my parents.

Aug 12, 2014 by Manfred M.

I bought Biosil for myself (39yo male), my mother and my father (64 both). It has had great results on both of my parents (my mom is now even able to walk well again). Unfortunately it gave me cystic acne that subsided after discontinuing its use. Tried to use it again and definitely gave me cystic acne again.

It works on every part of your body.

Jul 01, 2014 by Diana P.

Fantastic product. Got this from a friend of mine and I am so thankful she thought of me. It works on every part of your body that needs a little life put back into it.... especially on stretch marks!!

My 62 year old skin looks much younger!

Jun 05, 2014 by Sharon G.

I not only use this product, I used to demo it in health stores for PNO and I recommend it to my patients and friends for hair, skin, nails, bones and joints. My receding hair line is filled with lovely hair, my nails are rubbery and my 62 year old skin looks much younger. LOVE IT!

My hair is growing faster!

May 29, 2014 by Meaghan S.

Honestly it is my favorite!! It has helped my hair and nails so much!! Especially my hair!! I can't get enough of it! Last September I was starting to lose a lot of hair and it freaked me out. So I was looking for anything to try and in my search I came across Biosil. Took a bit to notice results, but when I did I had a lot of new hair coming back in, my hair is growing faster and over all feels better!!! Love it!! I'm always recommending it to family and friends!

BioSil came as a miracle in my life.

May 08, 2014 by Tea M.

I am concert pianist, In the USA got misdiagnosed and developed tendinitis. After reading Dr Sherry Roger's book "Detoxify or Die", I found out about BioSil and how Tendons, legaments and the rest of the body benefit. BioSil came as a miracle in my life, after taking BioSil, I feel that I again can expect my career to go on in the future as a musician and BioSil will be my supporter and friend forever and will be part of my career and success forever. It really came as a miracle in my life and I shared with all my friend musicians how vital BioSil is to keep ambitions career and above all, love for the Art. Without health and healthy hands nothing can be achieved, my personal experience!

Nails started growing again!

Apr 05, 2014 by Adeline B.

It works!!! I am 44 yrs old & while using it my nails started growing AGAIN! My hair started to look like its old self. I highly recommend it! Awesome & Amazing!!!

Decreases fine lines and wrinkle

Mar 19, 2014 by Nicole T.

Hello, my name is Nicole Turner stylist and owner of a salon. I've been in doing hair for 15 years. over the years I've always recommended my clients to use hair vitamins to help enhance hair growth, fullness and overall health for my clients hair. And of all the vitamins that I have recommended to my clients and I have used which are biotin, hairfinity, silicia, prenatal vitamins. And out of all vitamins I must say "Biosil" works best! I love the thickness and strength it gives the hair. I know and see all to well of the harshness of chemicals, medication, blow drying and flat ironing can do to the hair over time, but biosil keeps the hair strong and able withstand all the pressures that hair takes on a daily basis. Also I really like how biosil decreases fine lines and wrinkles. Constantly I have to stay on my clients about eating healthy and drinking enough water to keep their hair healthy but I noticed those who don't have the best diets but take biosil helps their hair stay healthy and strong by just taking 2 pills a day. Biosil will always be my top choice to my clients. I love to see and I truly appreciate all the great things that biosil does for the hair and skin!!

4.9 5.0 71 71 I'm on Biosil a good 3 months. I originally tried it help strengthen my thin, chipped nails. My toes nails responded a lot quicker initially. Now my finger nails are getting very BioSil