Your packaging says “statistically significant.” What’s does that mean?

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Your packaging says “statistically significant.” What does that mean?

A: In the world of scientific research, the word “significant” means something vastly different than in everyday use. In the real world, we say something is significant when it is emotionally meaningful. And yes, having younger-looking skin and hair would be significant to most.

But in the realm of clinical trials and pharmaceutical companies, the words “statistically significant” have a powerful meaning to the user of that product. An extremely positive meaning. Simply put, it means that if you take the product, you are 95% assured that the positive results are not coming by chance. For example, in the BioSil® clinical trial, one statistically significant finding was a reduction in wrinkles of 30%. That means that BioSil was responsible for the positive effect.

So when you see any product claiming to have positive results in a trial, make sure they say “statistically significant.”