Best Source of Collagen

I am often asked, what is the best source of collagen?   No wonder women are confused, there are so many products with “collagen” on the label. Literally hundreds. The answer I give them often takes them aback. There is no “source” of collagen. What I mean is you can’t eat collagen expecting to gain collagen. You see, collagen is a protein. Just like chicken, fish or steak. When you eat collagen your body breaks it down and uses it as a food source.

What can you do to gain collagen, then? The only way is get your body to make more collagen. Understand that you’ve have been making collagen during your whole life. The collagen-producing cells in your body (fibroblasts) “manufacture” collagen place it wherever it is needed. But as you age, these fibroblasts produce less and less collagen. You start noticing the effects by age 30. I’m talking about those unwelcome fine lines and wrinkles. But here some welcome news. There’s a compound known as choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid (ch-OSA®) that “turns on” those fibroblasts and increase collagen production. In fact, in double-blind, placebo controlled clinical trials, the women taking BioSil® decreased fine lines and wrinkles 30%, increased skin elasticity 89%, thickened hair by 12.8%, and strengthened hair by 13.1% over the women in the trial not taking BioSil. You can find BioSil at your local health food stores. Try searching for BioSil reviews on line, you’ll be surprised how many women have a terrific results.   I use it myself and highly recommend it.

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