Beautiful Nails

Achieve Uncovered, Unbreakable Beauty!
What woman doesn’t want naturally beautiful nails? Naturally beautiful nails are extremely attractive and give you total freedom from the tyranny of the daily nail polish routine. Achieving “uncovered beauty” depends on both nail quality and nail hardness. Nail “quality” begins “inside” your body – long before you ever see the new portion of your nail. Quality nails have a smooth, hard, surface with excellent clarity and color. But that’s just a good “starting point.” Now it’s a matter of how your nails respond to the physical stress of daily living. That’s where nail strength comes in.

Look down at your nails. They’re a “diary” of your recent past. You may see a “dent” caused by the drawer pinching your finger tip or a “chip” inflicted by that stubborn soda can. These are signs of the daily combat your fingernails face everyday. And they could have been prevented by having super strong nails. In a moment I’ll show you how to you can have nails as strong as Hercules!

But what about the overly-pronounced vertical ridges many women have? First of all, they’re nothing to worry about. Vertical nail ridges often become more numerous or prominent with age, possibly due to variations in cell turnover within the nail. This is an example of a condition
that started inside your body and it represents a decreased “quality” in nails. Although they’re nothing serious, they aesthetically challenging as they take away natural shine and clarity.
Okay. Enough about the problems, let’s get to the fix(es).

The Temporary Fix
Ridges: Buff them out Just be careful to not file too hard or for too long to cause trauma to the nail and nail bed. I like the little 4-way nail files that you can pick up at any drugstore which will give your nail a beautiful healthy shine.
There’s also a special nail polish made for hiding ridges. They are typically white and have the word “ridge” on the bottle. They are used like a base coat and do a great job at producing a smooth nail that looks ridge-free. Many nail salons use ridge filler under your polish to make your nails look completely smooth. Your drug store may carry it. If not, stop at any nail salon that sells polish.
Chips and dents: There’s not really a way to repair chips and dents. The idea with chips and tears is to prevent further damage. Try a clear “hardening polish” and just wait until the nails grows out.
But by far and away, the best solution is to find the “permanent fix” to these problems. It is…

The Permanent Fix
Ridges, chips, dents and everything else: As we talked about, ridges are a matter of and age-related decrease in nail quality. But what causes this decrease? Consider what your nails (and hair) are made of: the protein called keratin. Inside your body cells known a keratinocytes generate keratin. ). As you age, these keratinocytes start working slower and less efficiently. The keratin they produce is a lower quality. The result is brittle nails with ridges. You may even notice that your hair that becomes brittle too, and even loses its shine.

There’s one product called BioSil® SKIN HAIR NAILS that has the ability to generate both keratin and collagen. In double blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials, BioSil not only thickened and strengthened hair by 13%, it produced dramatically firmer and smoother nails. I’ve used BioSil for years. Just look online for the reviews, you’ll see women who all swear by it. You can find it at Vitamin Shoppe, GNC, and other health food stores.

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