8 Irish-Inspired Beauty Treatments In Honor Of St. Patrick’s Day

While St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally celebrated with a parade and a pint or two, take some time over the weekend to restore yourself with an Irish-inspired beauty treatment. When everyone else is nursing a hangover, you’ll be turning heads due to your glowing complexion, supple skin, and lustrous locks.

Rinse Your Hair With Beer

While beer may not be good for your belly, it’s great for your hair. Protein-rich malt and hops add body, strength, and shine to tresses. Rinse with an entire bottle (or can) of suds (two if you have an extra long, thick mane) and leave on for approximately five minutes before rinsing with cool water. This should be done after the shampoo and conditioner process.

Mist Your Face

Ireland’s humid sea air promotes healthy, glowing skin. Emulate the natural elements by placing your face in front of a large, hot (borderline boiling) water for up to 10 minutes. Add a few drops of essential oils to enhance the experience. You can also purchase an electric or battery operated table steamer — basic models are extremely affordable.

Try a Braided Look

You may know that DIY braided ‘dos are all the rage, but did you know braided hair is an ancient Irish symbol of power and luck? While there are copious options to choose from online (Youtube is great if you need help following directions), but one simple yet stunning look is the milkmaid style. Simple part your hair down the middle as though you were making pigtails. Braid each side and then cross the braids over the opposite side of your head and secure with bobby pins. Make sure you tuck the tails under the braids for a polished look.

Give Yourself A Potato Facial

Whether you had a late night, a cry fest, or have allergies or a cold, placing thin slices of raw potatoes on your eyes can soothe, depuff, and brighten dark circles thanks to a natural ingredient called catecholase. Grate the potato and apply to the entire face to help even out the skin tone.

Ditch The Bronzer

Irish women are known for their porcelain perfect complexions. Give the bronzer a rest and enhance your complexion with a bold lip or a spot of cream blush instead — this consistency will give you a dewy look.

Make A Whiskey Toner

While whiskey will dry out your skin if you drink it, it can do wonders if used as a topical treatment — just not straight. Mix it with jojoba oil for moisture, cooled chamomile tea to calm, and lemon juice to purify if you have an oily complexion. Apply with a cotton ball or mist with a spray bottle; just make sure you avoid getting it in your eyes as it will burn.

Take An Oatmeal Bath

Irish oats have many skin benefits outside your breakfast bowl. Use a food processor to finely grind the oats into a power-like consistency. While you can pour that right into the bath, you can also keep the oats whole and put them in a muslin bag before dropping in the tub. While it’s less messy, it’s not quite as effective of a skin soother and softener. You can also make a face mask by making a paste out of oats and water or milk to help restore dry, irritated skin.

Get A Seaweed Wrap

The Irish have been taking detoxifying seaweed baths for centuries to renew and soften skin from the inside out. If a trip to the spa is not an option, look for a seaweed-based mud that you can apply at home in the shower.


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