7 Halloween-Worthy Beauty Treatments A-Listers Swear By


Halloween conjures up the desire to toss back a handful of candy corn, dress up in a costume (because it’s the one day of the year you can get away with it), and maybe, visit a haunted house for old times’ sake. However, in the beauty world, there are some rather spooky treatments that A-listers swear by year-round regardless of the season. While there’s still some controversy on whether or not some of these work (or are they all hype?), there’s no arguing that these experiences are one-of-a-kind. Ahead, seven Halloween-worthy beauty treatments to change up your basic routine.


This facial treatment is Instagram-worthy for all the wrong reasons as the majority of the images reveal the recipient’s face slathered in their own blood (remember Kim Kardashian’s?). The Vampire Facial (otherwise known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy involves a combination of microdermabrasion and an application of PRP that’s extrapolated from the platelet-rich serum portion of the blood. The platelets stimulate cell turnover, thus promoting healthier skin cells. So, does it hurt? It depends on who you ask. Some describe the experience as a light pricing sensation while others tout the treatment as downright unbearable — even with the application of a numbing cream prior to the procedure. It’s important to note that you should speak to your doctor before having a VF if you have a blood-related disorder such as thrombocytopenia, or if you’re currently on an anticoagulant therapy treatment plan, as you could experience an adverse effect that could be dangerous to your health. Keep in mind that unlike a traditional facial, you won’t have instantaneous results. Expect temporary swelling that will subside after a few days, so don’t book an appointment right before a special occasion or job interview.  


If you find yourself booking a plane ticket to China anytime soon, seek out one of the copious spas that’s offering the oh-so popular Fire Facial — yes, really. Here’s how it works: A therapist places an alcohol-soaked (along with some other secret ingredients) towel on your beautiful mug. Next, the  literally set on fire — but only for a few seconds until it’s extinguished as to not scorch your skin. Relaxing? Not exactly, but supposedly this red hot service aids with weight loss, combat colds, and banish a dull complexion.


You may have already seen one of these fishy feet facilities while on vacation or in a town near you as the service has become somewhat cult. A specific type of carp known as garra rufa are placed in the foot bath. Though they don’t actually have teeth, the creatures work to nibble away at dead skin cells — they were originally used to treat conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. While you won’t experience any pain, don’t be surprised if you let out a giggle as the sensation can tickle.



Here we go with fire again! This traditional Brazilian hair treatment involves running strands of hair along an open flame to trim the split ends while sealing the split hair. As you might imagine, if done incorrectly, you could incur serious damage — however considering the services is touted by supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio and Barbara Fialho, there could be some value.


While it’s hardly as mainstream as a no-chip, snakeskin manicures have been gradually slithering into the beauty scene over the past few years. Naturally shed snakeskin is used as nail art, which is sealed into place with gel nail varnish (like a no-chip) and hardened with the help of UV lights. Of course, as with many things that are considered a novelty, expect to pay quite a bit more than your average manicure for this service. In fact, you could probably purchase a few real snakes for less — of course, that’s not exactly a sartorial solution.


Forget juicing. Leech therapy is an ancient Egyptian treatment that involves placing medical leeches on your skin in order to detoxify by way of sucking your blood. Furthermore, the insects secrete an enzyme that serves as an anticoagulant while promoting blood flow. We’ll stick with our green juice, thank you very much.

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