7 French Beauty Secrets You Have To Try


July 14 is Bastille Day, a national holiday in France. Let’s raise a glass of champagne in honor of those effortlessly chic women who inhabit the land of wine and cheese. Here are some of the top French beauty secrets to incorporate into your American routine.

1. Facials Are A Necessity, Not A Luxury

Many American women look at facials as a “treat,” so the only time they’ll step foot into a spa is if it’s their birthday or they got a gift certificate. French women consider beauty as an “art de vivre” that is meant to be pleasurable.  Treatments like facials are a crucial part of their skincare regimen — which also involves copious results-driven products. Their routines are all about  prevention, not finding a quick fix.

2. Skin Before Makeup

French woman like to emphasize a healthy, glowing complexion that isn’t covered up with an abundance of foundation and powder. American women tend to gravitate towards quick fixes that can leave their skin dry, damaged, or peeling, hence the reason for all the makeup. When it comes to cosmetics, the French love well-manicured brows, a crimson red lip, and strategically smudged eyeliner. Less is more.

3. Eating Is About Quality And Enjoyment

Between all the articles about how French women don’t get fat, it all comes down to this: They eat high quality, whole foods and take time to enjoy them by sitting down (at a table, not a desk) and having a proper dining experience. While there’s no doubt that they indulge in French delicacies, everything is done in moderation. Their diet is a lot like a Mediterranean style regimen, complete with whole grains, fresh produce, olive oil, fish, and healthy dairy — all of which have benefits to the skin as well as the body.

4. Ditch The Blowout Bar

French women love natural texture and tresses that look effortlessly un-coiffed, while still looking put together. Shampoo, then let your hair air dry, and then wait a day as your mane will look better once some of the natural oils are restored.

5. Forget About Contouring

French women are fearful of contouring because it can change the sculpture of the face. Instead, they like to add highlights on the cheeks and Cupid’s bow of the lips.

6. Water Is Key
It’s no secret that drinking water is one of the best universal beauty secrets.  French women also add herbal, thermal, and floral waters to their beauty routine in the form of a hydrating mist. It’s the perfect way to perk up the skin mid-day.

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