6 Ways To Avoid Gaining Holiday Pounds


‘Tis the season to be jolly, which is often associated with overindulging — and on more than one occasion. Keep in mind that statistics suggest Americans only lose half of the weight gained during the holidays by summertime — the rest sticks around during swimsuit season. There’s no reason to ignore party invitations for fear of going overboard. Here’s how to truly feel good about celebrating good tidings with friends and family — because the last thing you want for Christmas is a larger pair of pants.

  • Don’t Ditch The Scale. Truth: the scale doesn’t lie. Don’t tuck that sucker underneath the bed until January 2. Weigh yourself at least once a week. If you see the number creeping up, ease up on the eats and make an attempt to squeeze in extra exercise — even if it’s taking a stroll on your lunch break.
  • Don’t Starve Yourself. Sure, you want to save those calories for bubbles and bites, but going into a party (cocktail, dinner or otherwise) starving only sets yourself up for disaster. Prepare a small, healthy meal before a big fete to avoid overeating. By the time you arrive, you’ll have a greater feeling of fullness so those cocktail weenies won’t look as appetizing.
  • Choose Your Battles. You may love cake, wine, mini quiche, and foie gras, but having them all is a recipe for disaster. Instead, choose one (occasionally two) items to splurge on. For the rest, fill up on healthier options like salads, crudites, shrimp/shellfish, etc. If you don’t think you can control the amount of your splurge, skip it all together so the wheels aren’t off the bus by night’s end.
  • Adopt The One Time Rule. Whether it’s a buffet or a family style sit-down dinner, only fill your place once. The majority of your plate should contain vegetables, followed by a small portion of a lean protein sans a calorie and fat dense sauce. Starches should also be limited. Take time to mingle during the meal as that will help you slow your roll, thus making you become full faster.
  • Stand Versus Sit. Standing burns more calories than sitting, so try to work the room throughout the night. You’ll also be less apt to eat as you’ll be engaged in conversation.


Don’t Forget The Water. It’s likely that you’ll consume more alcohol than usual (which equates to additional calories), but note that booze can prompt you to eat more, too. Make sure you are regularly drinking water throughout the day and definitely in between cocktail consumption to keep your metabolism boosted and  tummy full. We can’t promise it will prevent a hangover, so go easy on the libations.

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