6 Melt-Proof Makeup Tips That Really Work


While there’s nothing wrong with letting your skin breathe during the summer months, sometimes a gal just wants that fresh faced look — courtesy of a few makeup products — for that barbecue, wedding, or summer lovin’ date night. However, between skyrocketing humidity and sweltering temps, it’s not uncommon for a perfect application to become streaky and blotchy while feeling heavy. Not to worry, dear reader. It is possible to melt-proof your makeup so that you look stunning sunrise to sunset. Here’s how.

1. Prime Before Anything

A primer works like a magnet to ensure your foundation and color last all day long. Apply a pea-size dot of a lightweight, oil-free formula (even if you’re dry) after you moisturize and before concealer, foundation, powder, and color steps.

 2. Switch Up Your Foundation

Foundation isn’t the best choice in the summer, but it can be difficult for some ladies to part with coverage. No problem: simply temporarily swap out your regular foundation with a silicone formula. The active ingredient serves as a protective film between your skin and the humidity, thus preventing a melting makeup nightmare. Remember – the less you put on, the better. So use a damp makeup sponge to help you control the amount of product you’re using. Just be sure to give a minute to set before doing the rest of your face.

 3. Creams Over Powders

Powder and sweat are the perfect ingredients for a cakey mess, so keep tuck powdery blushes and eyeshadows away in a drawer until the fall. Instead, opt for cream formulas to get your color. Remember, if you use a primer (even on your lids), you’ll have more staying power. Added bonus: creams really stand out in the summer sun — especially if there’s a bit of shimmer in the formula.

 4. Opt For A Tint

Runny lip gloss or melting lipstick does not make for an attractive look. Not to mention, it’s easier to wind up all over your face with as simple an action as say, brushing the hair out of our face. Opt for a long-lasting tint that has serious staying power.

 5. Go Waterproof

The only way to avoid that raccoon look is by investing in a tube of waterproof mascara. Do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle of waterproof eye makeup remover while you’re at it. The traditional formulas don’t always do an efficient job and can cause unnecessary pulling around the eye area if the product is difficult to remove. The same waterproof rule applies for eyeliner. But formulas are typically liquid, so it may take a bit of practice before mastering the perfect line.

 6. Banish Shine

Set your look with a light dusting of translucent — not colored — powder to avoid an undesirable color change. Talc-free formulas are best because they don’t leave the skin feeling dry. Carry blotting papers in your purse or beach bag for touch ups.

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