5 Ways To Hide Pesky Roots In Between Salon Visits


You were a blonde (or brunette, auburn, or black) bombshell during the summer, but now you’re feeling faded and have roots that are are practically down to your ears. While the obvious solution is heading to the salon, sometimes life — or the current state of your bank account — holds you back. With that in mind, here are 5 ways to conceal your unsightly hair color until you can back to the stylist’s chair. But don’t feel too bad — just remember Sarah Jessica Parker pulled off roots like a queen in Sex and the City….

Opt For A Hairstyle With Dimension

You’re not going to win with any ‘do that’s slicked back during this period. Instead, go for a Red Carpet look by experimenting with braids  and twists — basically anything that’s showcasing whatever highlights or color that still look strong. If you have long hair, channel the runway with milkmaid braids as they act as a headband to conceal roots. If your hair is shorter, make a smaller braid along your hairline.


Switch Up Your Part

It’s likely that your colorist works with your natural part, so by changing up your normal look, you can conceal some of the outgrowth. This is not the time to be precise — switch up the direction or opt for a messy zig-zag look. Anything goes as long as your hair is not lying flat on your head.

Experiment With A Root Concealer

While root concealers work best for those with gray outgrowth, there’s no harm in trying one that matches your hair color. The product washes out the next time you shampoo your tresses. You may even want to ask your hair pro for the best option to hold you over until you can make an appointment.

Go For Volume

While we’re not suggesting that you tease your mane into a ‘50s beehive, hair that’s voluminous conceals outgrowth better than straighter locks. Tease the crown and add a volumizing powder to create a messy, sexy, beachy look. Dry shampoo is a great way to add volume while fading dark roots. For best results, look for the versions that match the color of your tresses.

Nurture From The Inside Out

As a longer term solution, regularly nurturing your hair follicles with argan oil can stimulate the cells responsible for producing the melanin protein that supports your natural hair color. And because this type of oil contains omega-3 and 9 fatty acids, hair becomes stronger, thus slowing the rate of those grays to boot.

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