5 Makeup Trends You Should Try This Spring


Are you ready to experiment with the hottest spring makeup trends? This season we’re seeing everything from bold and dramatic, to light and ethereal, so there’s something for everyone depending on your comfort zone and style.

1. Rose-Gold Highlighter

No matter what type of skin tone you have, a rose-gold highlighter will give you a flattering, from-within glow. Simply sweep the product across cheekbones and eyelids for an instantaneous skin boost.

2. Violet Eyes

Violet is not eggplant purple, and when you’re blending it to create a more smoky appearance, the result is 2018 — not 1988. In order to achieve a more subtle look, blend three different hues — darkest in the corner, medium on the lid, middle-grade in the crease.

3. Dark Lips

Don’t ditch that deep mauve or red lipstick you’ve been sporting all winter just yet. Dark, inky hues like plum and cherry are the juxtaposition to all the pastel shades you’ll see this spring. Just keep in mind that it’s all about matte finishes this season.

4. Fabulously Flushed Cheeks

Yet another sign that the highlighter trend of 2017 has crept into this year, rosy cheeks with a dewy glow now trump yesterday’s matte foundation. To achieve this look, simply blend a soft-pink cream blush (powder won’t do the trick) across the apples of your cheeks. Use the rosy-gold highlighter suggested above on the bridge of your nose and cheekbones.

5. Au Naturale

While there’s room to experiment with color this season, another trend we’re seeing is the complete antithesis: the natural look. The focus is more about showcasing a healthy, glowing complexion, so it forces you to up your skin care game.  In terms of cosmetics, opt for lighter formulas like tinted moisturizer and lighter (powdered) mineral makeup formulas. Make sure you keep your brows groomed with a tinted gel.

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