3 Beauty Hacks You Should Never Try

There’s something so satisfying about learning a new life hack. Particularly when you find a new beauty tip that promises to totally change your skin, hair/, nails, etc. All that trolling through the weird corners of Instagram and YouTube beauty vlogs sometimes pays off … and sometimes it doesn’t. Here are three self-sabotaging “beauty hacks” you should definitely ignore.

1. Deodorant on an oily t-zone

Sadly, using deodorant on your face will not do good things for your complexion. While some beauty bloggers have touted the “benefits” of swiping a bit for your underarm deodorant on your face as a mattifying primer, experts say no. While most deodorants only work to mask smell, not block moisture, actual antiperspirants aren’t a good bet either, since they’re made to block glands of sweat, not oil, and could actually make you break out. Instead, try a simple face primer for oily skin and start carrying blotting papers.

2. Lemon juice and baking soda for your face

Any time you find out that a product you already have can do double duty, and fix more than one trouble area, it’s tempting to believe the hype. If you’ve had a good amount of acne in the past (ahem, also maybe present) then you might be easy prey for the rumor that hyperpigmentation from acne scars will fade away after using a homemade lemon juice and baking soda mixture as a “brightening” facemask. But even though the logic makes sense, the risk of your skin burning and its pH balance getting out of whack is too real. It’s better to stick with gentler DIY ingredients, like tomato or honey.

3. Using tape as an eyeliner helper

It seems genius. Your days of wobbly or smeary eyeliner will be a thing of the past by using a strip of scotch tape on your eyelid as a stencil to get a straight winged eyeliner look. The problem is that the skin around your eyes is extra thin and sensitive, making it prone to damage and redness if you’re always tearing tape off them. It’s better to choose a cardboard or plastic eye stencil that’s made for the purpose. Or just practice, practice, practice your boldest eyeliner looks until you’re a total pro.

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