3 Absolutely Surprising Hair Styles Are in for 2018! Could They Be Right For You?

You may not jump on the bandwagon for every single fad and fashion trend (um, no thanks, clear plastic jeans), but… when it’s absolutely right for you, consider hopping on! Check out these surprising 2018 hair trends – and judge for yourself.shutterstock_709583467_Hair_Styles_2018_blog

Retro-Glam Scrunchies

Nope, we’re not going to say goodbye to 90s influences in the fashion world just yet. Seriously edgy fashion label, Mansur Gavriel, joined the dozens of other runway shows with models sporting scrunchies in earnest for spring. No longer a staple of the un-cool past, scrunchies are back among the hip crowd in spades this year. So, will you test out this retro-glam look? Bonus points if you still have your original vintage collection from pre-Y2K times.

Not-So-Natural Silvery Strands

The cool girls in your yoga class may have been sporting pastels or purposely-dyed grey hair all last year, but now, get ready for the silver standard to go up. “Silver is the new grey because metallics are really hot right now,” award-winning colorist, Jack Howard told Elle. So, while we may wish we could just let our roots or greys grow out and be on-trend, you’ll need a bit of extra glint and glamor to really snag the style. Ask your colorist to use a metallic sheen (if you dare!), and amp it up even more at home by adding a natural shininess-enhancer supplement, like BioSil, to your beauty regimen.

Some Serious Sparkle Up Top

Yes, your shiny hair game will be on point during 2018, but so will your accessory collection. You’ll be seeing understated outfits paired with over-the-top hair candy throughout the next year. From rhinestones lining the part lines on models at fashion week, to twin bejeweled barrettes, diamond hair pins, and more glitzy touches, style forecasts are showing a lot of ice (meaning full-on jewels and gems) peeking out of tresses. Go on, give it a try!

Whether you dip your toe in this year’s trends or take a leap and go full-on-2018 with your hair style game, BioSil will be here to help you keep your tresses healthy, gorgeous, and oh so easy to style!

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