Why is Collagen Important

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is collagen? Why is it so important?

A: What is collagen? And why is it so important? Collagen is a protein. It’s the most important building block in the human body. It comprises over a third of your body’s proteins. It makes up 75% of your skin. In your joints, Collagen makes up 70% of cartilage and up to 90% of tendons and ligaments. Collagen increases blood flow to your scalp – helping to saturate your hair with vital growth nutrients creating thicker, stronger hair.

And when you ask a bone specialist what is collagen, you’ll get an answer that says collagen makes up 30% of your bones. Collagen gives bones pliability. Collagen serves as the binding sites for calcium. In fact, the National Institute’s of Health NAIMS Division issued a strong statement about the importance of collagen in bone health stating: “bone health depends on a combination of collagen and calcium to make bone strong and flexible, giving bone the ability to withstand stress.” Surprisingly, Collagen also plays a roll in vein and artery health and optimal brain function.

That’s why collagen is known as the Youth Protein. In fact, some scientists say that … “aging, in part, is nothing more than the rate of decline in collagen production.” The good news is that BioSil’s® ch-OSA® is clinically proven to increase collagen formation, helping restore it to youthful levels.