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My Review: I call these "Miracle Pills". My hair dresser recommended I take them to make my hair healthier. In addition to healthy hair the most impressive results are in my skin. I model and am an image/beauty consultant and having gorgeous skin is important. I have never had perfect skin but these vitamins have made my skin clear, gorgeous, and beautiful. I highly recommend them!
My Review: My skin is glowing, my hair is thick, my nails are strong, I just cannot believe I'm just finding out about this product. Sheeesss. Buy it folks, especially the ladies with FPB like me, you will see the difference this product makes on your hair.

My Review: I have used BioSil® for many years and I can't believe how it made my hair and nails grow beautifully and it helped my joints feel not so tight and helped my back especially with stiffness. Because of the taste I recommend putting the liquid in empty capsules that you can get in health food stores. I recommend this product to anyone.

My Review: I've been using this product for about 3 weeks (10 drops per day). I originally bought it to improve the quality of my hair, which is thin and brittle. I haven't noticed any change in my hair yet, but the improvement in my skin has been dramatic. I was starting to develop those fine, thin wrinkles on my face that cause the skin to look a bit like crumpled tissue-paper. My skin was also very dry and dull. But now the wrinkles are greatly reduced, and my complexion is clear and glowing. I just look much younger. If it works this well on my skin, I can't wait to see what happens to my hair in a couple of months. Highly recommended.

My Review: My sister started taking this about a year ago and since I see her infrequently I could not believe the difference in her hair! She had a beautiful head of hair that was thick. It looked like a lion's mane (OK, maybe she needed a hair cut) but her hair used to be so thin she needed hair extensions to give the illusion of thickness!! So of course I started taking it immediately. It takes about 3-4 months to see a difference but it is significant. It seems that my actual strands of hair are thicker and I definitely have more hair and I find only about 10% of what I used to in the shower drain! It takes 10 minutes to dry my hair instead of 3 minutes and it is a lot more fun to have thick bouncy hair. Now, the only thing is, she told me to take 10-20 drops a day (I put them in empty vitamin capsules.) The product label has a 6 drops a day.
Of course I have told my friends and can't wait to see the results... She also said that BioSil® is the best but there are others out there. I have had such good results with this one that I am nervous to try any others. Try it, but make sure you stick with it long enough to get results, and have fun with your "new head of hair

My Review: I started taking these several months ago hopeful but not really anticipating a major difference. Boy was I wrong. I have noticed not only a much clear complexion, but my gums and nails are much healthier. My hair which was thinning is now fuller. I am quite pleased.

My Review: I read about this product in a nursing journal. Since I have always had very weak nails and my hair was thinning with age, I decided to try it. Into my first bottle I realized that it was making a real difference. For the first time since I can remember, my nails are not flimsy, but are growing long and strong. My hairdresser noted that my hair is thicker. I'm really amazed at the results.

My Review: I have been using this product for three months now and I really think it is working. My hair feels stronger and my nails have definitely been growing faster. I am also taking this product for my joints. I have less pain in my knees and I have not changed my routine or added other supplements, so I believe BioSil® is making a difference.

My Review: I had no idea that this product would work so well. My nails are growing by the day! I've just noticed that on the front of my hairline I have a lot of new hair growth - short hair that's coming in since I began using Biosil® over a month ago. After having my hair highlighted recently, I'm already seeing new growth quickly, and the overall condition of my hair has improved greatly! I won't stop using this product!

My Review: BioSil® is a great product. I have been taking the product twice a day with meals. It was recommended to me by a top dermatologist in Pittsburgh, Pa. Give the product at least 1-3 months to work. There is actual published research out there that this product does work. I love it!

My Review: BioSil® is fantastic! I have always had a hard time growing my nails. I have tried just about everything. Usually they would grow a little in the summer. After taking Biosil® for exactly one month (30 days), my nails are strong, healthy and growing and growing and growing! My skin also looks smoother and healthier. My skin also looks smoother and healthier. I think it's miraculous!

My Review: I cannot believe BioSil® Liquid. After about 3 weeks of continued use, my skin has improved a thousand percent. I just became firmer all over. My hair is thicker. The ridges on my nails have started to smooth out. Anyone who is looking to take their beauty/health regime to the next level needs this product.

My Review: My husband and I have been taking BioSil® for a few months. We learned about it from Sherry Rogers - author of "The High Blood Pressure Hoax". It is wonderful and does all the things the other reviewers have said. I have always had very fine hair and since taking the BioSil®, it feels thicker and is growing in places it seemed thinnest. My nails are beautiful as well. Do put it in juice because those 6 little drops have a powerful flavor. I will send this product to family and friends as a a gift. I know they will be hooked, too.

My Review: This is the 3rd bottle I have purchased because I have been so impressed w/ the results. I'll definitely continue to buy it & recommend it. People compliment my fingernails & my youthful appearance!

My Review: I've been using BioSil® for approximately one year and have found a tremendous difference in the length and strength of my hair and nails. Colleagues, Friends and woman at the Hair/Nail Salon/Spa are always complimenting me on my nails, hair and skin. I would recommend the product to everyone. I've actually purchased it for others so they to may benefit from the mineral. After having utilized artificial nails for many years and thinking my nails would never grow it is amazing to see long, strong, beautiful nails all the time. Don't hesitate... based on unbelief! Sincerely, JDR

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