Does my Collagen Diminish with Age

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my collagen diminish with age?

A: Yes. In fact, collagen production begins to diminish starting at age 21. Some medical experts say 18, though. By the age of 40, the loss is typically 1% per year.

What are some of the effects of this collagen loss?

Wrinkling of Skin: starting at age 21, the average woman’s skin decreases in thickness by 7% every ten years. Even a 3% loss of collagen can be very visible. The diminution of collagen causes loss of elasticity leading to fine lines and wrinkles.

Weakening of Hair: as collagen diminishes, so does the flow of nutrients to your hair. This causes a shrinking in the size of the hair diameter and a concurrent loss of strength.

Loss of Bone Mineral Density and Bone Pliability: Your bones are 30% collagen. This “pliable” collagen gives bones their ability to bend-but-not-break. What’s more, inside your bones, calcium must “bind to” collagen in order to become part of bone. As the collagen “calcium binding sites” decrease, so does Bone mineral density.

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